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Prismed Prisons. A poem about a wife visiting her husband in prison.


She walks down cold, silent paths
Down corridors of steel
Through shackled prison walls
Houses husband to reveal.

Steps soft pace drear distance
Between spouse and spouse
Visiting today from separate lives
Each in a divided house.

His gnarled fingers worn by tests of time
Clasped in tough confusion
Cradles jaws tensed, stern
Views hard bred in seclusion.

“Be not bitter,” she tells her husband
In depression do not dwell
Remember us, your family
Live out your self-made hell.

Your children, poor and lonely
Miss close, warm family ties
Become prisoners real in walls
Unseen to agonize.

Think not that wide walls of freedom
Stand close to imprisoned few
Beyond gray bars, inside steel walls
Outside is a prison too.

– imelda dickinson

Prismed Prison a poem about a wife visiting her husband in prison inmate poetry
Prismed Prison a poem about a wife visiting her husband in prison inmate poetry

This poem is about a woman I saw, who was walking to meet her husband in a prison.

A Carpenter’s carpenter

A Carpenter’s carpenter

Hearts hurt this mourning, echoes quiet grief

For a husband-father slipped beyond autumn’s leaf

Into winter’s winds so harsh, who can bear the pains?

Yesterday his nearness felt today only his remains.

Remember love like it was, unbroken circles knew

Life’s smoothness for time as it was, he and you

Recall family’s happiness given each a measure

A Carpenter of Scripture cradles a carpenter your treasure.

Poem written October 1986

For my friend June and her family in the loss of their grown son



A Memorial of Kathleen Dickinson



Earth has music to those who will listen

Magic sounds make musical memories

Sounds of a Sister vault into family vision

Captures her warmth in late Summer’s breeze

Kathleen waves to America’s flag flying

Continue reading




Church bells paced deliberate a funeral procession wide

A simple coffin wraps a nun In music muffed inside

Prepared prayer seeks a pardon, free clearance at Heaven’s gate

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Dachshund drawn by Bradley Saint George

One day I left home of my doghood, taken to a woods real from my dreams

By a person not my mistress, having a cat falling apart at her seams!

I sniffed for a long time for familiar odors of family beloved taken from me

Soon I lay on a new blanket provided by this lady who was kind as could be!

We’d run by roadways together. Smelling, snorting in Continue reading

ANGELINA, little Teacher

ANGELINA, little Teacher

young bronze girl poemI entered Grande parlour of elegance where is placed bronze statue unique

Beside wide patio glass-paneled doors. “Shipped from Italy,” her Owner’s critique

Stepping closer, my curious nature sees child’s form, perhaps five, plus one

Clad poor, feet bare, head downcast. Continue reading

Barefoot on the Beach


Billowed, vast ocean, immeasurable seashore sand

Whispers beloved couple’s big dreams wondrously grand

Visions held in their hearts shared alone with God Continue reading

It’s never too late to say "I do" Paul & Fern, 83 and 96 years old find love. VIDEO

Also could be titled “96-year-old woman robs the cradle by wedding much younger 83-year-old man”

It only takes about two seconds to say “I do.” The only thing is that sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the person you want to say it to.
That was the case for 96-year-old Fern Schurr and 83-year-old Paul Tredo. As far as love is concerned, they tied the knot with plenty of time to spare.

“We used to eat meals together all the time, then suddenly Continue reading


Here’s a beautiful poem by Terri Foss, of Washburn, WI.

Where can I find the words to heal the sadness and the pain that has touched your heart.

When words are not enough to say, my heart will speak in many ways. I believe our lives are as God intended them to be.

Although we don’t understand his ways when times feel so unfair, try to remember God will always be there.

All your loved ones from above will guide you with their love. For someday you will see together you all will be.

Terri Foss