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Barefoot on the Beach


Billowed, vast ocean, immeasurable seashore sand

Whispers beloved couple’s big dreams wondrously grand

Visions held in their hearts shared alone with God

Trust in Him plans for their future together trod

Waves billow white on undulant sea surface curve

Kisses continuous on seashore, wedded meeting preserve

Morning mist gone, balmy breezes appear light

A Master’s peace picture for their wedding invite

Connect today, union matched by God who creates

Plans for life, pathways to follow , each other’s helpmates

Jehovah their strength, hope, perseverance to claim

Marriage held in honor, favored in loving God’s name

Wedding place today, God’s canopy, part-blue clouded sky

On ocean beach’s crimson sunrise paves past night mooneye

In holiness, vows to be taken, exchange promises true

Minister select bless couple’s wedding rendezvous

Both know step ordered by Him who teaches His ways

Surrounded by faith, by promises, esteemed, pious praise

Brian, her beloved, man of integrity, stands in earnest expectation’

Sees in short distance Lorie, his future wife’s formation

Brian stands strong, straight legs, bare toes curl in warm sand

Tower of strength, girded in truth by His Master’s hand

Lori wears “heavenly” perfume to please his fragrance desire

His musk natural smell sets her emotions blaze afire

She walks down short steps toward her mate chose

Filled with endearment, her expressed love overflows

Her body clothed in I modest dress respects his choice

Hears Brian call softly, “ Lori”, she hears her love’s voice

He beckons her walk as dawn’s golden glow

Blends blazed-sky blanket on their sound and light show

In holiness, vows taken, exchange promises true

Minister select blesses again this wedding rendezvous

Both know this step ordered by Him who teaches His ways

No fear in their love, inherit bold blessings grace, peace gifted

In Lorie as his wife their empty loneliness lifted

Transformed into one person, man and wife become

Committed forever, respected, hurtful pasts overcome

Yesterday’s wounds buried by God in ocean deep

Now whiter than snow, these vows said to keep

Lori opens loving arms, embrace tight her love, tender

Brian welcomes her this blessed day to remember

To have and to hold this day, these nights beyond

Treasure this moment near the ocean so fond

Footsteps pace steady, happy smiles exchange each

A couple joined, sanctified by God, both

…barefoot on the beach


Poem by Imelda Dickinson

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