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Your book is my constant companion.

Flowers are friends to me; reading Ruth surrounds me with their individual fragrance and bountiful beauty. Your book is my constant companion.

Erica, Texas

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Motive casts character on actions of Man

His decisions known by God Lone Artisan

Whose Wisdom has no beginning has no end

As from Earth’s depth’s Man’s signals ascend

Justice judges unadvisedly cause

Miss-shaped commandments of God’s early laws

Defenders defending charlatan’s charade

As God is His tower watches fools on parade

Integrity itself departs Circumstance

Injustice injects favored consequence

Greed grips both pulpit and press

Acts known to The Viewer. Don’t acquiesce!

Politicians promise pledged potency

Prolific people process much apathy

Rampant religious ramblings pursue

As the Tower Onlooker observes me and you

Dictated dogmas, unerring, so correct

Sacrilegiously true to cult or true sect

Will you march with multitudes this promenade?

Or look to the Tower, watching fools on parade


Poem by Imelda Dickinson