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I really love your book

I really love your book. It helps me when I have sad days. It takes me to another world. It means more because the book is written about family. I can just picture the things you write about. You are such an inspiration. I wish I could have grown up with you by my side. You have such a talent.

Pearl, Lancaster, Texas

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“Let not thy breath”

Let not thy breath utter into the wind unkindness

Icy stillness

Separates relationships


Like strangers

Cold indifference

Freezes conversations


Into glacial towers

Frozen fear

Is silent

As anxious anger

Spills over

In ruthless

Verbal venom

Walls mount

Communication crumbles


Memories fade

From heartaches hurting


F\or a soft touch

Of the hand

Now closed

Chained to


Deep inside

Tumble-down tears

From tolerant

Tempests tearing

Let not thy breath

Utter into the wind


For yea, that same breath circles and cometh back

With a mighty sting

Unto the One

That loveth you


Poem by Imelda Dickinson,
Published: World of Poetry, Sacramento. Ca.