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Sweet Nectar Symphony

Sweet Nectar Symphony. A beautiful poem about honey, that sweet nectar of the bees.

A Poem from Imelda

In meadows sweet, where sunbeams play, A golden treasure hides away. Beneath the buzzing, busy bee, Lies nature’s sweetest alchemy.

Oh, sweet nectar, pure delight, A symphony of taste takes flight. Amber rivers, sticky gold, A tale of sweetness to be told.

From blooming blooms to honeycomb, A labor of love, a journey home. The bee’s dance in a floral trance, Creates a treat, a tempting chance.

Spread on toast or in tea’s embrace, A spoonful takes you to a gentle place. Nature’s gift in every drop, A taste that makes the heartbeats hop.

So savor slowly, let the flavor bloom, In every jar, a fragrant room. Oh, delicious honey, a sweet encore, A treat that nature’s whispers bore.

Beeswax Candles, Raw Honey, Maple Syrup

Lovely sunny day in the Northland

Lovely sunny day in the Northland. My wrist is healing better. More active with the therapy also. Not quite ready for my poetry reading in St.Cloud, Mn. Hopefully in spring of 2018. Still busy with my sister Liz. She went to the hospital because she fell at home, no injuries though. Other family doing well. Keep in touch. Love as ever.