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“Summer Surprise”


sunny beach walk

One lazy summer’s day, sunny Florida way

Sandy beach shores beckon me

Magnetized, my eyes see her mesmerized

By Creation’s Genius you’ll agree

I sat upon smooth sand, sea cool breezes fanned

Her fragrance fills vesper air close to her it seemed

Yeyes closed, I dreamed her wet lips caress my hair

Her breath whispers soft, sometimes even scoffed

Vapor winds smooth earthen floor

Her voice waves to me, unresponsive I see

Her face mooned-mirror she wore

Alluring force with no will to recourse

Her hand brown seaweed fleur-d-lis

My heart racing tells,

Her angry billow swells

Finds me fiercely frantic

Bathed in azure blue Atlantic

Poem by Imelda Dickinson, June 1997

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