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Your choice of words and word pictures blows me over.

I’ve been reading your book one chapter at a time. I like the quotes that you use at the beginning of each chapter Especially Walt Whitman. You certainly cover all of life’s highs and lows. Almost every human condition is covered. I like it best when you enter into your child imagination and let it flow. Each doll has a personality – a huge one at that! Each doll is adaptive to bring joy to another person; female or male. You go to great depths to make sure the doll and occasions are all reflected in your poems.  From the dolly to the items in their hands or beside them every detail has been carefully thought of and woven into their stories. I see how you weave your own life into the book.

You spoke in church, the poem “Majesty”. It was really deep Imelda. Your choice of words and word pictures blows me over. I think you put your whole soul into this book. Even wolves and conservation are in a poem. I’ve always loved butterflies; innocent creatures. I am sure god created them for our eyes to see and our lips to smile. You did so much research and just plain hard work Imelda. I can read your careful thoughts and terms of endearment. Life deals us all blows, some more than others. It takes tact to put those heartaches in a personal poem. I imagine your goal was to delight and bring joy. I want to say well done, well done, well done. I love you. PS. Dale is happily reading it.

Valerie V, Ontario, Canada

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A Memorial of Kathleen Dickinson



Earth has music to those who will listen

Magic sounds make musical memories

Sounds of a Sister vault into family vision

Captures her warmth in late Summer’s breeze

Kathleen waves to America’s flag flying

Across Nation she served in her years

Honorable, awarded, proud, not denying

Her country, her choice of careers

Her laughter, love of her family pealing

When church bells ring as risen sun breaks

Choirs of angels as morning mists stealing

Her voice with harpist soothes family aches

Recall her love of Minnesota’s theater

Of seasons when home visits she came

Silver lakes burnt by sunsets greater etch

Scroll lavender golden red her dear name

Waves kiss lakeshore, like a brothers embrace

Family ties bound, roots solid, planted deep

Sounds of a Sister appear like an angel’s face

On beds of roses her fragrance will keep

So, sit by cracking fire where its warm inside

Against life’s cold, sharp sting and roar

Be content with Sounds O a Sister

When once you enjoyed her at your door

Hear the robins, hear rain drops on clover

Listen to sounds of Spring after Winter’s cold

Feel joy of sunshine beams all over

Like family together in your household

There is a fountain eternal, diamonds dropping

Splash, scatter, whispers secrets she knew

Leaping, falling, shimmers not stopping

Loving sisters and brothers rendezvous

Winds once tempest-driven, quiet to a breeze

Sweeps dark shadows from once bleak sky

As Voice of our Creator whispers His ease

Knowing sorrow can cause winds to sigh

Voices on high roll as deep thunder

Was there when last you kissed her

His Voice, the Voice of all Wonder

Can be heard in the Sounds of a Sister

Poem by

Imelda Dickinson

Sept. 23, 1998