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“To a Friend” a poem of appreciation

to a friend
TO A FRIEND, in appreciation

Your mixed spray of flowers lifted me at a time when spirits were low

Pastel beauteous petals extend out like a friend’s hands extend to know

Rosebud fragrance scent my office space. Once celestial Hands did form wee seed

Now, your hands place them in a vase as you saw first your friend in need

Pale gladiolas point blossoms out, flute-formed grace artistically spread

Such beauty to praise the Artists Hand, with you as gardener, your hand is led

Love is something we do, my friend, come from depths of inner heart

Of a friend who reaches out her hand says “I care” with flowers taking part

Let joy these bring be lasting beyond time when blossoms fall

Because thoughtfulness remains unblemished, giving of oneself is best of all

Poem by Imelda Dickinson, October , 1982

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