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“Today Sleeps”



Painted horizon of colored crimson

Stained aura pierce shadows gray

As Today’s clouds cloud sunset

Close in on what is Today

Tree foliage lace framed foregrounds

Once more sunbeams beam last

Arrows to shoot grand finale

Today close to spent and past

Gold-red reflections fire horizon

Ripples lay across sea waves

Silver water mirrors sky images

Picture patterns each moment saves

Nature’s setting of a sun setting

Close Today’s measure to time

Once known as yesterday’s tomorrow

Magnificent to end sublime

Minutes meditate changing colors

Purple gray filters orange to blend

Form splashed star stellate

Shine briefly at even’s end

Heaven’s horizons upon earth’s hours

As sky and land mute meetings keep

Rendezvous of brilliant schedule

Then, Today’s sundown fast asleep.

Poem by Imelda Dickinson

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