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On a day dreaming a day upon my soul

My mind reflects quietly thoughts to console

Faint I heard a whisper murmuring to me

Tapping my mind’s window, wanting to be free

Opening shutters, there I see my child so wee!

Imelda smiling at Myself covered with curiosity

She skipped with imagination, jumped with fantasy

Reaches her hand for mine, I felt ecstasy!

We danced round castles crystal to sit upon

Vaulted visions behind beyond grew before our view

Dreamy delightfulness grew and grew and grew!

Fairies peeked in corners of walls round as rings

Butterflies rainbow colored cover us woven wings

My soul lifts high as my child goes on to soar

Breathless we sit before out-of-ordinary’s door

She snuggled into my bosom near my heart where life begins

And asked me not to lock her up with might-have-beens

So, when you need refreshing, or your seams are coming out

Go to windows of your mind and let your child out!

Poem by Imelda Dickinson

Published: Poetic Voices of America Fall 1991

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