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“A Spirit Visited” poem about loss of son.

imageA Spirit Visited

Sad, dark paths sorrow leads

Where sorrow was not known

As death’s angel veiled takes away

A son, your very own

Years twenty given both of you

As parents this youth tender

Memories left now fill vaulted void

Cherish them. Remember.

Though sands of life were few

His prints are left behind

Upon your night and morning

Still seasons in your mind

Let grief not overwhelm you

God’s comfort brings to earth

Gentle benediction

Balm in burden’s girth

Heaven’s gate opens paradise

To a lad God forgave

Transformed a bud flowering

Fragrance sweet he gave

Voice scented says “Weep not Mother

Father, grieve no more

Such gardens never seen by me

Grace this eternal shore

My spirit waits when you will be

As me new immortality

Where time stands still around me

When God calls you as He did me

A bouquet perfumed on display”

Poem by imelda Dickinson

For niece Sharon and husband with accident

Loss of their son

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