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My latest book is complete and here comes Spring!

Hello everyone! I’m very happy that winter on its way out. My daughter Julie and I watched the lovely sunset the other night.

My newest book “Personolly Yours Too” is complete, and I am looking for a publisher. For this book, I dressed and made outfits for 61 dolls in this book! It’s been fun. Make sure you follow me on my website and on Facebook if you would like to be alerted when my book is available for purchase.

My next project will be planting spring flowers.

During this cold weather I have been amusing myself with reading, poetry, music and watching some classic TV programs, like my favorite Mr. Ed, The littlest Hobo, The Honeymooners and green acres.

I would love to hear how you are doing.

Love as always, Imelda and her butterflies. 🦋🦋🦋

Beautiful Minnesota Winter Reflection Snowy Lake Pine Forest
This beautiful Minnesota Winter Reflection Snowy Lake Pine Forest comes from peakpx

2020 Winter injury update

Last November, I slipped while working in my sewing room, I went to a doctor who ordered X-rays. Let me tell you, I don’t want to go through that again, it was very painful and stressful.

Now I have 4 fractured vertebrae and had to be treated in two different hospitals which resulted in my being in a nursing home for two weeks.

Now I’m back home but I need to wear a large medical back brace for at least 3 months. The brace is very helpful, it helps me to sit up and walk straight.

I miss working on my book, the doctor tells me I should take a break from it for at least 3 months, as my back would be curved if I was working on my laptop for extended periods of time. So unfortunately, I’m taking an unwanted break from my writing. Luckily, I was already half finished with my book before my accident.

My daughter Julie has been with me continuously from the beginning of this whole ordeal. All of this and she is also taking care of my sister-in-law Liz. I’m staying with my grandson Bradley right now and he is taking such good care of me. I am very loved.

Think Spring! My little birds and squirrels fight over control of my bird feeders on the deck, it’s fun to watch.

Think Happy Thoughts!


Imelda Dickinson Author

Winter’s almost here, update on my new book in progress.

I’m feeling elated about my new book, filled with poems about 45 beautiful dolls and their interesting and magical stories. Winter is coming in the Northland and I have completed 28 of them so far, so I’m on my way!

Progress has been slowed because I broke my arm and ultimately needed surgery. As a complication of the surgery I have nerve damage, less mobility and it has greatly effected my writing. One must move on however, and the writing shall continue.

On the brighter side, my grandson Brad just too me and my daughter Julie to see the movie Downton Abbey. I watched the series and I read the book so I was really looking forward to seeing this movie and I was not disappointed.

Think happy thoughts, I will write again soon my friends.

Imelda 🦋

Imelda Dickinson Personolly Yours Too Butterfly Doll

Update on my second book; “Personolly Yours Too”

Hello! I am back to my book preparation with Personolly Yours Too, just sent three dolls complete with poem today.

Have 45 people who want dolls. I have sent out 23 already.

Waiting for documentation on some, and working on individual ones I have started.

Had my left arm plate removed in December last year and nothing but pain and complications, going to a specialist and waiting for x-ray results, but I keep on working on my book and I’m taking care of my sister Liz.

See you on my website or my email. Love as ever, imelda.


Spring on it’s way to the north land after a very snowy winter

The past few months have been difficult, with post surgery complications on my left wrist, however I’ve been getting my dolls together for my next book and just finished a 850 word poem for a doll with many interesting attachments.

Spring on it’s way to the north land after a very snowy winter love to all Imelda.

Update on my second book.

I have 46 people who want dolls.  So far I have 21 of them dressed and 7 poems written and the rest in the planning stages.  Will be some very interesting stories to write poems about.  I really enjoy getting ready to write the second edition called Personolly Yours Too.

I also recently moved my sister-in-law Liz back to Ashland where my daughter Julie will help me take care of her. I’ve been taking care of Liz going on 7 years now and her dementia is getting worse.

Imelda Dickinson hard at work on second book Personolly Yours too

Double cataract surgery. Recovering well!

I have had two cataract surgeries and still in post operative recovery for one month.  Cannot get corrective lens for another month, so I see more clearly but not good yet for reading or close up.

These are my new glasses, what do you think?

Imelda Dickinson glasses

Superior author, 87, keeps up gardening, teaching and helping people.

Imelda dickinson reads The Woman Today duluth mn

At age 87, Imelda Dickinson is on a mission to contribute
her talents and to help people for as long as she is able.

The Superior woman works in health care and spends
what time she can on a variety of hobbies, including
sewing, gardening and writing. She retired at 65, but missed
working, so she spends 35 hours a week in home health
care, taking care of family members.

She began sewing lap quilts for disabled veterans and gets them to people in need through local groups. And you can even find her online at

Dickinson enjoys sharing stories and last year published
“Personolly Yours,” a collection of poetry and prose that tells
stories through the eyes of a doll.

“It’s a collection of 44 stories that I started writing 25 years ago. I would dress up a doll for a story I wanted to tell. The first one was Emily Dickinson. My father was related to her.”

What Dickinson shares includes some fantasy, but is in large part true stories from her interesting life.
Dickinson is originally of Saint Cloud, Minn., one of 13 siblings who lived in a 14- room house. She speaks fondly of her family — particularly her parents. As a girl, she spent time climbing trees and listening to her parents play music. Her mother could play eight instruments, and music was valued in the family. The children would trade chickens for music lessons. “In earlier years, Mom and Dad started a western band,” Dickinson said. “It was in the depression years.”

Dickinson’s father was a hardworking man who loved his family. He was educated only through the fourth grade and helped raise his nine siblings. He grew up to build a family farm of his own and work full time. Dickinson’s mother was born on a farm.

When they had their own kids, farming continued to be an important part of their lives. Dickinson’s family lived on a 250-acre farm. They raised cows and tended a one-acre garden by the house. One of Dickinson’s chores was to clean the machine used to milk the cows. In the summer, she plucked potato buds and pulled weeds. She helped clean canning jars since her hands

The Woman Today Imelda Dickinson news article cover

were just the right size. The girls often helped their mother cook meals for the family and do laundry.

The family would play card games and listen to the radio. Some of their favorite programs were “The Lone Ranger,” “The Twilight Zone” and “Inner Sanctum.” Once they got a television, they would watch the “Lawrence Welk Show.”

When the circus arrived in town, Dickinson’s father would take them to see the show.
The children would go skating at a field near their house in the winter and check out books from the library.

As they grew, their parents allowed them to go to the Coliseum Dance Hall for dances — on the condition that one of the brothers would make sure they got home. Every Sunday, Dickinson’s family would attend church. The family needed two pews to sit together.

Dickinson grew to have her own family: three daughters, five grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and eight great great- grandchildren.

She was the first in her family to earn a high school education. She earned a master’s degree in natural health — the lessons her parents taught Dickinson on the farm took root and grew with her over the years. She loves fresh vegetables and sharing her knowledge with others. Healthy living is something she’s passionate about teaching. She has taught classes on vegetarian eating and handling stress. 

Even today, when the weather allows, Dickinson can
be found growing peas, carrots and other vegetables, and tending her flowers. She continues to haul wood, rake leaves and shovel snow. “Be kind to one another and value friendships,” she advised. “Appreciate small things; they happen more often. I go to bed and thank God for another day of life.” 

With an eye on the future, there is a second edition in the works titled “Personolly Yours, Too.” Dickinson is still working on it and looks forward to sharing more stories and adventures.

The Woman Today Imelda Dickinson news article inside

Read this story online: or download as a PDF.

Story written by by Kayla Felien

Think Spring!

It is snowing up to ten inches tonight here in the Northland as I am inside, safe and warm writing a poem for one of my dolls to be gifted for my second book.  So far I have 14 people selected for the book and four pending acceptance.  Fun.

My wrist is not healing as it should.  Hope I am not allergic to the plate that was placed surgically.  My cracked right rib is doing well with natural treatments and rest.  I don’t have time to be an invalid with better things to do. ha ha ha.

I am scheduling a poetry reading in my home town of St. Cloud, MN right after Easter.  I will be interviewed beforehand by request of a reporter of The Daily Times, the local newspaper as soon as the Librarian schedules date and time

Think Spring!!

This beautiful Hibbing winter wonderland photo is from Dale Gordon

Good news about my wrist!

You may remember that I broke my wrist a few months ago while pulling a sled full of bricks across my sidewalk. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m through with physical therapy now! I’m able to use my hand and I’m even driving again. Boy did I miss that! Thank you all so very much for the warm and loving wishes I received.

On another note, I’m thinking about writing my second book; “Personolly Yours Too”.

Stay tuned and I will keep you posted.

Imelda Dickinson Personolly Yours blog

A doll of a poetic tale

Shelley Nelson Imelda Dickinson holds her ballerina dolls that helped inspire her poetry with their stories. At 87, Dickinson has published a collection of long poems and prose inspired by the custom dolls she’s given to family and friends. “Personolly Yours” is her first published work and has taken 25 years to write.
Imelda Dickinson holds her ballerina dolls that helped inspire her poetry with their stories. At 87, Dickinson has published a collection of long poems and prose inspired by the custom dolls she’s given to family and friends. “Personolly Yours” is her first published work and has taken 25 years to write. Photo by Shelley Nelson

“Dollies” have long inspired Imelda Dickinson of Superior.

They’ve inspired her to stitch wardrobes that match their personalities to give away, and they’ve inspired her to tell her stories in poetry and prose.

Her own dollies reflect her long-ago desire to be a ballerina.

And most recently, dollies inspired the 87-year-old to become a first-time published author with the release of “Personolly Yours.”

“It’s a collection of 44 stories that I started writing 25 years ago,” Dickinson said. “I would dress up a doll for a story I wanted to tell. The first one was Emily Dickinson. My father was related to her,” a cousin.

The stories cover topics such as love, family, forgiveness, tragedy, the Great Lakes, adoption, animals, holidays, laughter, music, America and the sky.

“The stories are 99 percent true,” Dickinson said.

Dickinson said her inspiration came from family and life experiences.

“All my brothers had a doll,” Dickinson said. “My brother (Frank) was a captain on the ore boats and so he always had her in the crow’s nest — so it talks about the Great Lakes.”

Dickinson said she never imagined her brother Frank, a “manly-man” would ever want a doll, but no one dared mention it as the doll looked out from the crow’s nest.

“It talks about music because my mother was raised in a very musical family. She could play eight instruments and she didn’t know how to read a note.”

Dickinson said her brothers and sisters were all very musical.

“I wanted to learn, but I wouldn’t carry a dead chicken to the nun’s house, so I didn’t get my lessons,” she said.

Dickinson was a reluctant author because the stories are very personal, she said.

“I give the dollies to family, and later friends; then my daughter Molly said I should publish,” Dickinson said. “I said I really don’t know if I should. This is very personal to have my words out there for everyone to read. The stories are very personal. She said ‘all the more reason.'”

When she decided to publish, Dickinson said getting published wasn’t easy. Publishers either wanted a lot of money to self-publish or they wanted her to get an agent. She finally decided to self-publish with Amazon.

“I was glad I decided to publish,” Dickinson said. “I didn’t have the reservations I thought I would have. Everyone who has a family can relate to this book; that’s why I’m glad I decided to publish.”

She said that reviews are starting to come in and she’s pleased people like the book.

“If you like long poetry … similar to Emily Dickinson style, you will love this book,” Brad Saint George wrote in a review on “Imelda spent decades giving away custom, unique dolls to her friends and family. Each doll tells a story, some sad, some happy, but all interesting and well told.”

Dickinson said she’s even considering starting a second book, “Personolly Yours Too” and has 13 people lined up who would like their stories told.

“Everyone has a story,” Dickinson said.

“You don’t really have to grow up reading my book,” Dickinson said.

In addition to Amazon, she said she has a few copies on consignment at Zenith Bookstore, 308 N. Central Entrance, Duluth. But to get copies of the books with images of the dolls, contact her through her website at Those are the only books that come with images of her customized dolls, Dickinson said.

Original article:

Lovely sunny day in the Northland

Lovely sunny day in the Northland. My wrist is healing better. More active with the therapy also. Not quite ready for my poetry reading in St.Cloud, Mn. Hopefully in spring of 2018. Still busy with my sister Liz. She went to the hospital because she fell at home, no injuries though. Other family doing well. Keep in touch. Love as ever.


Tonight I attended the “Ask a Published Author” event at the Duluth Public Library.

Tonight I attended the “Ask a Published Author” event at the Duluth Public Library. It was a great meeting with an excellent panel of professionals in the literary field. There were some great questions fielded by many writers in the beginning stage of their profession. It was a very informative and educational meeting and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. I’m glad I was able to attend.

The panel consisted of:
Robin Washington (Journalism)
Margi Preus (Children and Young Readers)
Lucie Amundsen (Memoir)
Dudley Edmondson (Non-Fiction)
Danielle Sosin (Fiction)
Ryan Vine (Poetry)
Amber Laura Young (Romance and Self-Publishing)
Claire Kirch (correspondent for Publishers Weekly Magazine)

Ask a Published Author

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Had a few more poetry readings in the Senior Citizen Centers in Ashland and Superior WI.  Fun.
Had a big poetry reading scheduled for the public library in my hometown of St Cloud, MN but on August 28 I fell near my home and fractured my left wrist.  Had to have surgery Sept 6 and a plate was put in my wrist.  Wore brace till it healed and now I am undergoing extensive occupational therapy.
It will be next year for sure before I can do any more readings.
I will remain positive and keep you posted.

My first book signing!

April 26th, 2017.

I had my very first book signing at the Vaughn Public Library in Ashland Wisconsin last Tuesday the 25th of April 2017.

The weather was bad so there was not a large turnout however I was excited and consider it a learning experience. I’m certainly looking forward to my next event, check the event section of my website to see when and where I will be!

I’M PUBLISHED! Feb 6th, 2017

I’m very excited to announce that at 87 years old, I’ve just published my book Personolly Yours and you can get your copy here:

Product details

  • Paperback: 345 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (February 6, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1520532032
  • ISBN-13: 978-1520532035
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches

Book’s done, looking for publisher, spoke with Emily Dickinson museum.

It has been a long time since I have written my periodic postal letter.

I have been busy writing my dolly book “Personolly Yours” and it is now complete, edited and I am in the process of looking for a publisher.

You will be pleased to know the first poem is written and dedicated to author/poet Emily Dickinson in her memory.

I have talked to an agent of her museum in Amherst, MA and they will accept a copy of her poem with pictures to display in the museum.  I will do that soon.

It has been exciting and stimulating to complete 41 of the adult poems and two children’s stories in epic poetry.

As soon as a publisher will accept my work I will post the publisher on my website, as well as get my postal letter out to those who do not have electronic viewing.

Spring has come to the Northland, and I have spent much time in my new flower garden plus updating poems not listed on this website.

Emily Dickinson Museum

A Carpenter’s carpenter

A Carpenter’s carpenter

Hearts hurt this mourning, echoes quiet grief

For a husband-father slipped beyond autumn’s leaf

Into winter’s winds so harsh, who can bear the pains?

Yesterday his nearness felt today only his remains.

Remember love like it was, unbroken   circles knew

Life’s smoothness for time as it was, he and you

Recall family’s happiness given each a measure

A Carpenter of Scripture cradles a carpenter your treasure.

Poem written October 1986

For my friend June and her family in the loss of their grown son