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All Black bumble bees in Hawaii!

They have two types of bees I saw while visiting Oahu, one is an all gold bee the other is an all black one. amazing.

Please enjoy this poem about black bumble bees by Rachel M Johanson: 

"Ballet of the Black Bumble Bee"

Beneath the sun's golden eye they roam

Jet black bodies gleam, a lustrous chrome

All black bumble bees in velvet flight

Turn day's gardens into kingdoms of night

Gentle giants, their buzz a soothing bass

Navigate blooms with an artist's grace

Tiny pollinators in coats of coal

Gather nectar to fill their humble bowl

Through fields of lavender they weave their tales

Their wings whisper like soft, silken veils

Velvet knights of the floral court

In the dance of petals, they cavort

To the beat of nature's heart, they thrive

In gardens, their spirit comes alive

Their flight scripts shadows on sunlit leaves

As day surrenders to evening's eaves

With black so rich, it absorbs the light

They vanish in the shadows, out of sight

Yet their labor sweetens the air, a boon

And paints the earth with the brush of June

In their presence, blooms rejoice, unfold

Their black is not absence but stories told

Under the orchard's bough, they linger

Nature's unsung, humble singer

In the hum of black bumble bees

Hear the whisper of life's mysteries
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